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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Sustainable Energy - Sun's Energy!

Gone are the times when the sun was just ball of fire when we thought the sun was of no use but just rise and set every day. We are in the modern age where almost nothing goes to waste (except for a lot of food ) maybe or paper! We have come to realize when God created the world, he made everything useful.

It was not until the late 1800's that we realized that the sun's energy could be converted into energy that we could use here on earth (without actually having to go to the sun). Did you know? The earth receives about 174 Petrawatts (quadrillion watts) of solar radiation, of which only 30 % is reflected back to space. So we have about 70% of a free renewable energy source that can be utilized for numerous things.

With a number of ways to use this energy,  we have Solar panels (portable), Solar Roofs, solar energy that can help an entire household even a building. We are also on the verge of discovering many such renewable energies without digging deep into our pockets and while protecting our surrounding.  For now, check out Safecastle's range of Solar products, a one-time investment that will last you forever:


Last but never the least, Safecastle says : Prepare & Fortify!

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