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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Storm and its subtleties... Part 2

A storm is probably the only natural disaster where all elements of earth can be experienced - Rain (water), Cyclone (Wind), Wildfire (Fire). Strong winds from any storm are capable of destruction of lives and property alike. There are some unusual occurrences that take place in a storm as well. Hail Storm is one of them. A thunderstorm accompanied by Hail is a Hailstorm.

Technically, they are just solid precipitation in the form of ice lumps. As much as everyone loves ice and snow, Hail can prove to be fatal for a property. The sheer force with which each hail drops can cause dents and damages to cars, buildings sometimes even people if not careful. The largest hailstone in terms of diameter and weight in the United States fell on July 2010 in South Dakota measuring 20 cm in diameter and weight 1.93 pounds, now imagine that hitting your head on a busy road!

Safety Measures for a Hail Storm :

  • If you are outside, take cover immediately under any solid roof, do not stand under any glass roofs.
  • If you are driving, ensure that you stop under a solid roof as well as there have been instances where hailstones can break windshields and glasses.
  • The hailstones once deposited on the ground can be very slippery, one needs to be very careful when walking outside.
  • Like any other natural calamity, hailstorm may have an effect on technology, electricity etc,. 
As we always say, any emergency requires you to Prepare & Fortify!

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