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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Storm - The Subtleties..

"There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in a storm" - Willa Cather.  We sure learn every year a lot of things from the number of storms we encounter. Technically, storms are a result of a low-pressure center is created surrounded by high-pressure ( Don't we all know about that)! 

A combination of opposing forces create winds and in turn, cumulonimbus is formed. Cumulonimbus just means heaped - rainstorm. As simple as that sounds, this is otherwise called Thunderstorms. Storms as literally and figuratively is associated with many other natural calamities. Below are the Types of Storms :

Hail Storm
Ice Storms
Heavy Snow/Blizzards
Derecho Storms
Tropical Storm


Let's talk about Tropical Storms as that is what we are experiencing now. A Tropical Storm occurs when the wind speed is between 39-73 miles per hour, the driving factor in a Tropical Storm is the wind current and most damaged is caused due to the heavy rains and debris.

Safety measures for a storm are similar to any other natural disaster, however; one can be prepared in advance.

  • Electricity is the first impact, ensure you have battery-operated Flashlights, radios for a dark night. 
  • A medical kit is essential for yourself or anyone in need as you cannot expect flying debris( Debris here could mean sign-boards, heavy toys, garden equipment, garden furniture based on the speed of the wind),
  • Remove all electrical appliances and all items placed loosely on the shelves.
  • Keep storage food, water, sleeping bags and blankets close to you as these storms may last from 2 to 200 hours. 
  • One can never be enough prepared for the damage, storms can bring on us. Ensure you have all your personal information, including, telephone numbers of neighbors, family & friends, insurance and property information, medical records and important numbers for utility services.


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