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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Aftershocks and its Aftermath..

Well, we all know about Earthquake, how uncertain and destructive it is. We also can relate Earthquakes to Global Warming and we can classify it as man-made (as everything else is). We recently discovered that an earthquake underwater can cause a Tsunami, a disaster most of us were unaware of until it struck.

Similarly, an earthquake is not a one-time affair. there are after-effects that lasts much longer than we can imagine. And no. we are not discussing the rubble and losses, we are discussing the after-shocks of an earthquake which can last up to weeks, months and in some cases years. We know an earthquake is the shaking of the earth's crust due to the passage of seismic waves, Aftershocks, on the other hand, is the process of the earth's crust getting adjusted to the shift after the Mainshock and like everything else, getting used to a 'change' (in this case the earth's original position), takes a lot of time.

The duration and impact of an Aftershock depend on the intensity of the Mainshock. The bigger the Mainshock, the longer the Aftershock. These are more dangerous as they are unpredictable and can cause more destruction than that of the actual Earthquake. One needs to be always vigilant post an Earthquake, as there have instances where after-shocks have been chaotic and calamitous.

As with any earthquake, the first impact is electricity and water and scarcity of food items as the aftershocks are unpredictable, ensure you are adequately stocked with necessities. 

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