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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Safecastle introduces Basic Essential Kit - a kit that last through emergencies

Today we discuss, how each individual reacts to an emergency, be it a party plan or a long due trip. There are two kinds of reaction - one who is always prepared beforehand, meticulously organised and then are the others, most of us - the last minute people. Planning could be as simple as carrying license and car documents when driving but for the bigger issues at hand - organized is the way to go.

Imagine scrambling through food and water supplies in a flooded house or when the whole world is shaking around you, you are looking for a flashlight. Fret not, we are here to help. Safecastle brings to you a Basic Essentials Kit that we think will last you for an emergency. Essentials can differ for each individual, for eg: my emergency kit will have a lip balm. But here we go with the basic necessities for a human being to survive a flood, earthquake, tornadoes and the likes..

Food comes first in mind. Post a calamity, it takes a long time for life to revert to its normalcy. Stocking up and easy-to-cook, good quality long-term storage food is essential. We offer you an assortment of delicious food and comfort food to last you up to 72 hours.

Clean water becomes a bare commodity in times of a natural disaster, we offer you easy to use, Lifestraw personal water filter that filters up to 1000 litres of water that can last one person for a year.

What's life without energy! We need power in our daily life, be it a disaster or not.  A portable light-weight solar USB charger for when the world seems dark. An emergency kit that comes with a flashlight, water pouches, a 54 piece Medical Aid kit, Solar Blankets and a Backpack to hold it all.

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