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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Single-serve Bega cheese is back! Loyalty Winner of a NukAlert Posted

Single-Serve Cans of Bega Cheese are Back: 72 cans per case!
Astute preppers realize that the Bega cheese in single-serve cans is an excellent and practical resource to have on hand. We last had these available over a year ago and they were very popular. Various militaries around the world count on these single-serve Bega cheese cans (without the pretty labeling), and now you can add them to your stack of critical supplies.
March 1 Loyalty Prize Drawing Winner Posted: for a NukAlert!
The first monthly prize drawing winner for this year's Loyalty Royalty program has been posted. Is it you? Are you registered yet?
Every buyers club member who registers for the 2014 Loyalty program will earn a rebate gift certificate worth at least 1% of the total value of their 2014 purchases at Safecastle. 

- If total purchases for the year exceed $5000, then the total rebate gift certificate will be at least 2%! 

Throughout the year, there will be special offers made that will provide the opportunity to further increase that year-end rebate percentage!

- Of course we cannot resist conducting prize drawings on a monthly basis for those actively participating, so you have multiple ways of being rewarded for your Safecastle loyalty.

See all the details here AND the first drawing prize. 

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