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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Legacy Seeds, Bega Cheese, MREs, & Strawberries!

April 1 Loyalty Drawing Prize: 23-Variety Non-Hybrid Seed Kit!

This year's Loyalty Royalty program is a slam-dunk in terms of getting something for nothing. In fact, for some, it will be a lot for nothing. Our buyers club members simply need to email us and request to be enrolled in the 2014 Loyalty program. That's it!

In return, you get a year-end rebate on your 2014 Safecastle purchases and a chance at our monthly prize drawings. On March 1, the prize was a NukAlert. On April 1, the winner of the prize drawing will be sent a Preparedness Storage Legacy Seed Kit!
Single-Serve Cans of Bega Cheese are Back: 72 cans per case!

Astute preppers realize that the Bega cheese in single-serve cans is an excellent and practical resource to have on hand. We last had these available over a year ago and they were very popular. Various militaries around the world count on these single-serve Bega cheese cans (without the pretty labeling), and now you can add them to your stack of critical supplies.
Menu C MREs Back in Stock!

It's increasingly difficult to keep the Menu C MREs in stock. We had them for a little while last month and they quickly disappeared. Our supplier came thru with another lot of Menu C MREs ... about as fresh as they come, packed in December 2013.
Each case has an assortment of 12 high-calorie military MREs.

Want 'em? They'll go to the swift ...

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