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Saturday, March 15, 2014

FINAL HOURS: Max. Mountain House Cans Sale

30-year shelf life, premier storage food in the world

Maximum-allowed Discounts on Mountain House Cans Ends Tonight, Mar. 15

Our first MH sale of 2014 is a big one. Not only do buyers club members and non-members alike get the maximum-allowed discounts on all can cases AND free shipping to the lower 48, sent to you fresh from the MH factory. But Safecastle Buyers Club members are also pulling-in the best collective incentive package we've offered in a long time ...
1. Our unique MH Royalty Rewards program makes purchasing your MH food at Safecastle a no-brainer. Check the very generous MH Rewards offers for club members. 
2. On top of that, our members who register for this year's Loyalty Royalty program keep on building on their year-end rebates. Reminder--it's free ... our buyers club members simply need to email us and request to be enrolled in the 2014 Loyalty program. That's it! 
Important to note: The first opportunity of the year to add to your year-end Loyalty rebate percentage is this month. See the unparalleled offer at the top of the Loyalty page. Do the math. It's crazy!

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