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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Uniquely More Efficient Stoves at Safecastle

Lots of new products are inbound at Safecastle. Examples include two completely different stoves that are unique and state-of-the-art in their respective niches ...

1. The brand new stainless steel, off-grid Kimberly wood burning stove, recently featured in Mother Earth News and voted in Popular Mechanics as the most innovative new stove on the market. We are proud to be one of this American manufacturer's first authorized dealers!

There's way too much to crow about with the Kimberley to try to put it all into a paragraph here, but this much I will say: it is beautifully designed, is extremely efficient and powerful, can be portable(it weighs 56 pounds), and with add-on accessories that are expected to become available later this year can produce not only heat, but also hot water and electricity, and it can cook, bake, and dry laundry. Our member price is unbeatable (and of course it ships free).

2. Then there's the VitalGrill Survival Stove ... designed for outdoor use and survival situations. It is small, lightweight, and with its small battery-powered, integrated adjustable blower fan, can burn two to three times hotter than other small stoves, making quick work of boiling water or cooking food, even in extreme conditions.

Check out more of the new items being added in "Our Newest!" category.

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