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Monday, April 29, 2013

Loyalty Royalty Drawing May 1: Register Today

Register and Win throughout the Year
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Have you taken the free, simple step of registering for our club-members-only 2013 Loyalty Royalty program?

The first Loyalty drawing is this week--May 1--a drawing for one of
the brand new VitalGrill Survival Stoves!

Once you've registered, you're in for the year. You can look forward
with your purchases toward building your 2013 transaction
total that will determine how much of an end-of-year rebate you
will be receiving! The rebate program includes all purchases from
April 1 through the end of 2013
... totals are retroactive to April 1,
regardless of when you register for the program. Registrants are
eligible to win any of our 2013 monthly preparedness-prize drawings!

Here are the Loyalty Royalty details. To register, just email Vic at the link on that page.

RESISTANCE SALE Lo-Price Guarantee on 100+ Key Preps

At Safecastle we're pulling out all the stops for the next month in our Resistance Sale to make sure you can be
as fully positioned as possible to stand your ground while the pressures mount.
1.  In our Member Low-Price Guarantee category, 25 key products are displayed that we are guaranteeing
lowest price for our buyers club members (vs. any competing online retail store for new product when shipping
and handling charges are considered). Everything ships free to the lower 48, as always at Safecastle. We are
confident that our member prices there are the best total prices available, as are many of our other product
listings throughout the store. But if you find a lower price for a product that is listed in this category, when
shipping and handling charges are calculated, by all means--let us know and we will gladly take care of you ...
Any necessary price matching must be done before your purchase is completed. If you find a lower price out
there, send the link to Vic Rantala and we will gladly match or beat that price, as well as count your purchases
toward our active buyers club incentives that you may qualify for (see #3 below).
2.  We also are guaranteeing low member pricing on all U.S. Mountain House foods -- the listings for which
are simply too many to include in the Low-Price Guarantee category. Our member prices on MH pouches and
buckets (now rated at 10 years and 25 years shelf life) are the lowest prices out there, including shipping ... to
the best of our knowledge. If you discover otherwise, we'll be happy to match any lower dealer pricing out there
for the same new product.
On MH cans, dealer pricing is strictly regulated. We are authorized by the manufacturer to, at any time, match
any dealer's sale pricing. And we are always happy to do that while providing you any qualifying member
incentives as well. Just email Vic with a link to a current MH cans sale offer that might be out there.
3.  That's not all we are doing for you. Effective now through May 31, 2013, we are also providing all the
following club-member incentives that your orders qualify you for:
v  You will be sent one FREE LifeStraw for ANY purchase totaling at least $300. Or two FREE LifeStraws for
any purchase totaling at least $500!
v  In addition to that, for any transaction totaling at least $1000, a Safecastle gift certificate worth $25 will be
emailed to you (within one business day). Or a $1500 transaction will get you a $50 gift certificate. Or a
$2000 transaction will get you a $100 gift certificate! Note that these gift certificates will expire June 3,
2013, so they must be used promptly.
v  Finally-we have added still more New products that you need to consider for the survival and prosperity of
your household.
And don't forget to check many other great offers right now in our On Sale category!

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