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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Safecastle's New Loyalty Royalty Program - You DO Want to Register for This!

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New 2013 Loyalty Royalty Program
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Let it never be said that we don't take great care of all within our castle walls. Once again, through 2013, we are rewarding our most loyal buyers-club members with a new loyalty incentive program ... a red carpet treatment if you will, that is comprehensive in its scope (applying to all participating-member purchases) ... and retroactive to April 1, 2013!

In brief, our top 10 registered Loyalty Royalty customers (club members) from April through December will at the end of the year earn a rebate gift certificate worth as much as 11% of their purchases during the incentive program period! 
And EVERYONE who registers for the program will receive at least a 1% rebate gift certificate!

Finally--of course we cannot resist conducting great prize drawings on a monthly basis for those participating, so you have multiple ways of being rewarded for your Safecastle loyalty.Read more here about how it all works and how it is quick, easy, and free to register (required to participate).

NOTE: This is an incentive/rebate program for our buyers club members. Become a lifetime member by purchasing a membership here.
We're back in the mode of finding and adding cool new products to our store. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be sending out emails pointing out some of those new products worth your attention. In the meantime--enjoy the "Our Newest!" category.

Lastly, our recent Mountain House cans sale is over, but we have made available to you many other best-selling foods and even many of our newest products at great sale prices right now. Shop those sale items here. 

Prepare and fortify!

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