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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Most Important Steps to Calamity Preps

A quick follow-up to Monday's post, "Various Brands of Violence in the Queue" ...

If we assume that some grand combination of circumstances will soon inflict a macro-chaotic dynamic upon our reality, then it follows we are now in the mode of doing our utmost to complete our preparations for potential societal upheaval.

This is not to say that we are packing up all our belongings and heading for the hills, calling up the boss (or not) and quitting our jobs, or even bolting down the hatch from inside the backyard bunker.

Life will go on ... before the worst happens, if it does ... as well as during the worst and afterwards too. The whole objective of preparedness is to be able to deal with it, no matter what the future holds. That means, don't run before the balloon goes up. Likewise, it would almost always be a bad idea to razor-wire the perimeter and fire potshots at trespassers (at least until the need becomes more than obvious).

Seriously--what you SHOULD be doing right now if you believe there is a fair chance of social calamity in your neck of the woods at some point soon, in the simplest terms possible ...

  • Get thee arms and ammunition. Take training and get familiar with your weapons. If you have kids, keep the weapons safely out of reach from those curious, busy hands. My personal favorite for safe but quick-access handgun storage is the Gun Vault. My guess is most folks are squared away with guns and ammo by now.
  • Although some of my peers say the weapons are priority number one in prepping for major crisis, I believe having adequate stocks of storable, useable food (not to mention seeds) is more important. In this same area, we need to assure we have the ability to independently access and purify water. If you can hole up and provide yourself with food and water for an extended period of time, you create the smallest target and minimize your vulnerability. Of course, you do want to be able to secure and defend your area of operations.
  • Just as important, if not most important of all (and yet probably the task most ignored by those who prepare) is the need to bond with others in your community. You should be talking with neighbors and others you trust who live fairly close about contingencies and how you can each contribute to a cooperative survival effort should local emergency services and commercial enterprises fail to any degree. Senseless and desperate acts of violence WILL be a reaction to worst-case systemic failure in our modern, entitled society. Few if any can really expect to be able to endure alone a violent upheaval in our communities. On the other hand, those who cooperate to support and defend each other, who trust each other, who share resources and capabilities--they are the ones who will do OK.
In my business, I do have the opportunity to interact with small groups who are coming to these same conclusions. These are not militant survivalists with compounds in the wilderness. These are neighborhood, family, and church-based groups all over the USA. They are making common-sense preparations for food shortages, energy crises, and now economic collapse.

It's the absolute smartest thing any of us can be doing today--building good relationships with those around us so that if and when push comes to shove, we actually know who we can turn to for help.
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Frank said...

Call me a nut. However, what will you use to defend those stored food supplies? I have a huge supply of both guns and ammo, and a smaller supply of food. I can and am stocking up on food, but, I need to be able to defend it first.