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Monday, July 20, 2009

Various Brands of Violence in the Queue

In this blog I typically try to blunt the thorniest alarmism, attempt to moderate the crescendos of the most craven pessimists, and strive to sooth those giving in to panic in the face of the media's disaster-of-the-week scenarios.

Admittedly today, temperance in conduct and expression is really but a quaint effort at historical re-enactment.

Still, the bottom line for me day in and day out is that preparedness is about peace of mind. Yep, bad things happen every day to someone out there. I aim to help folks who want to be ready for their turn on the rack.

As Ugly as You Are Willing to Admit

However, of late, I have been sparring with and sometimes retreating from visions of the future that seem to be as dangerous as one can come to grips with in advance of a fearful new dawn.

With each passing day and the advent of weightier repercussions of past governmental misdeeds, not to mention a subnormal executive and legislative approach to crisis management, I see fewer and fewer possible escape routes for America's good citizens.

Disaster resulting in immense pain and suffering at the hands of vile evil seems to be bearing down on us from any number of directions.

Am I predicting calamity? I don't know. It really doesn't matter what I think is going to happen. I can say this much with certainty ... there are so many malignancies, villains, and stooges on the stage, chaos may be the best we can hope for.

Violent Outcomes

What might be playing at your neighborhood soon? I suspect it will be different for each locale over time. Possibilities you might want to mull over for purposes of personal defense planning ...

1. Opportunistic crime - I believe we are seeing increases already in the number of individuals "snapping," failing to endure increasing economic hardships and the stresses that brings on. The result is more folks committing violent crimes of passion and desperation. Of course, we also have our core group of 20% of the population who have no morals to begin with and who are always on the prowl. But now we've got an enlarging subset of "victims" eventually frantic to turn the tables, lashing out at innocent bystanders--sometimes with tragic effect.

2. Organized crime - Gangs are and have been a growth industry in America for many years. Illegal immigration has played a part in bringing the worst from various cultures to our land of opportunity. Law enforcement efforts in this area are too little and getting less daily, due to shrinking budgetary boundaries and ever more charitable legal protections for the guilty. Moreover, as legitimate avenues to personal growth and/or survival dry up for young people, gang affiliation becomes the only real option. In the business of blood and intimidation, fear feeds the beast. This monster is only beginning to emerge given the conditions of the new dysfunctional economy.

3. Ethnic and political polarities - Who do you trust in times of real crisis? Family probably. Longtime neighbors and friends. Members of your congregation ... maybe. In a real pinch, others who look and talk like you. But when bullets fly, those who aren't wearing your brand of camo or speaking your lingo are not likely to easily gain your trust. In times of trouble, politics and ethnicity are quick differentiators. It's possible that terror operatives (or other scoundrels) today could work this angle, especially taking advantage of economic depression. If political upheaval or ethnic unrest erupts, and if frustrations are already widespread and emotions are high, well ... things can and will quickly get out of control.

4. Governmental intrusions and heavy-handedness - This is already a bone of contention and a rallying cry for a growing number of Americans. It is not reassuring to learn that the current administration's leaders, our nation's top law enforcement officials, and military training commands are characterizing law-abiding Americans as dangerous and presumably in need of some kind of re-indoctrination. Those of us who exercise various traditional rights of expression and political choice, who are knowledgeable and appreciative of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, or are religious adherents who believe in God, and even military veterans who have been willing to sacrifice themselves for this country--all have been openly painted as being potentially dangerous extremists. Clearly, the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which protects our right to keep and bear arms has held back a radical wave of power-hungry bureaucrats at this point. It certainly has not been the judiciary that has been an obstacle. Watch this very carefully. There is a growing, vocal mass of Americans who are at least making noises like they will not put up with much more. I have to think there is "explosive" potential here for violent acts, IF righteous cause for collective outrage surfaces.

5. War - None of the above really compares to this last category of catastrophic oppression. That is, a military attack on the United States by a well-equipped enemy. Technologies and weapon systems of immense power and impact are proliferating through the world. In years gone by, America held a position of superior strength. We maintained an unpopular position among many as we took on the responsibility of global cop when no one else was willing or able to step in to keep regional differences or difficulties from becoming a conflagration. Today, a new America has apparently relinquished that role. Sure, we're trying to mop up (or who knows what is really going on) in Afghanistan. But obviously there is now a void in the world in that regard and we are in fact embracing those who aim to destroy us. Our shields are being lowered as a show of misguided trust and friendship. Or perhaps even as a willful surrender to other political entities. Will new or traditional enemies move in to take advantage? Will foreign militaries come in unopposed and violently disarm America, occupy us, and neutralize us as a force for justice and fair opportunity? I for one, believe that this could easily be our fate, and it may be at our doorstep sooner than later. If it happens, we cannot expect any kind of mercy at the hands of our conquerors. It will be a nightmare that no one will awaken from.

Toxic violence in our streets is already a given. It's real. It's ugly. It's tragic. But it can and probably will get worse. Chances are strong that near-term or within the next few years, at least some of us are going to have to deal with some very different circumstances in life.

Think it through now. It's change you better believe in.
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