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Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Preparedness Products Available Now, and More Coming Soon

Busy times here at Safecastle world headquarters. New products, a new website in the works, and of course a continuing upward demand trend for preparedness products of all kinds are keeping me hopping.

You don't need me to point out that world "leaders" seem to be content flushing their citizens all down into the tank, while they nobly endeavor to remedy the situation for a select chosen few.

Times are not going to be getting better, folks. The best advice being offered out there these days is to get your loved ones and households situated for some needy years ahead. I'm not disposed to scare-mongering and indeed am an optimistic sort generally. But I have not found anyone anywhere of late singing "Don't Worry, Be Happy." Have you?

We're doing our best to give our members and friends the best offerings we can swing. Our biggest challenge today is with suppliers who are often out of stock of certain items--often for lengthy times. The biggest reasons? ... supply lines, international manufacture and transport difficulties--the general domino effect that takes place when the global economy is claiming victims everywhere on a daily basis. So we continue to adjust for those hiccups as they occur. The good news is that our biggest selling products and primary products line suppliers are continuing to deliver in reliable fashion. If and when we become aware of supply issues with a given product, we remove them from our site immediately.

All that said, we ARE very excited about some new developments around here. New products already listed and also others in the pipeline, as well as a much-improved buyers club website that should be launched in the mid-August timeframe are what I'm here to tell you about today.

New Products at Safecastle Royal

This week we added several new listings to our store, including ...

Around the Corner

We've got more product offerings in the works. A couple of them I want to mention here ...

  • A brand new Safecastle "Quest Mission Rig" -- a quality, pre-assembled resource bag that you'll want to have with you most anywhere you go, especially in times of crisis.
  • A line of bicycle cargo trailers that, down the road, just may prove to be one the better small investments in our future any of us make today. In fact, when we are able to make those available, we plan to put together a little sale, offering package deals for those trailers and our ever-popular Montague folding bikes.

More News

We are going to have to raise our membership fee a bit when we launch the new website. Of course that does not affect any current members since the one-time fee members paid was/is good for a lifetime. But new members will need to pay a bit more for their memberships. If you know anyone who might want to join, give them a heads-up that now is the time.

Finally, I just want to refer you to a few great survival-related resources that we support and frequent, and that you will find helpful in your own personal preparedness and awareness efforts:

Stay safe!
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