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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Survival Podcast

We just signed Safecastle on as an advertiser for a really cool, fast-growing new media program on survival--The Survival Podcast. Jack Spirko records a surprisingly detailed and insightful program daily during his 50-mile commute to work. His podcasts are interesting, entertaining, and thought-provoking.

Jack's podcasts are archived for the last year. It's grown way beyond that though. Jack's got a full website and a dedicated discussion forum--

Bottom line, this is a brilliant way of multi-tasking your survival intake. Give it a try!
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1 comment:

Curt Henry said...

Check out the Survival Podcast. I've become addicted. Jack Spirko is a very knowledgeable guy and an articulate speaker. "Tune-in" to

or find him on iTunes.

Think about becoming a member of the "Support Brigade". You won't be sorry. I've already recouped what it cost me to join. One perk that you get with a Support Brigade membership is a free life time membership to

They have a great collection of items.

These comments were not solicited by either Jack Spirko or this blog's author. They are simply my observations and opinion.