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Friday, June 12, 2009

"Survival Special" - Episode of "Bizarre Foods" June 16

I was asked by the Travel Channel to mention their "Survival Special" next week. It is an episode of the popular show Bizarre Foods.

Andrew Zimmern, the host, is dropped into a Mexican jungle for two days and has to forage for food and water. This episode airs Tuesday, June 16, at 10 E/P. Immediately after (11pm ET), Andrew will be doing a live chat with viewers.

In this special episode of Bizarre Foods, Andrew takes a rugged ride to the mountains outside of Puerto Vallarta with his own personal survival expert. He goes through intense wilderness training before heading deep into the jungle on his own. Andrew takes a one hour boat ride away from Puerto Vallarta where he lands in a remote area of land where there are no roads, villages, or hotels nearby. He can only eat what he forages!

So what's on Andrew's survival menu? Here's a sneak peek:

*Live green grasshoppers
*Fresh coconuts (fallen from the tree)
*Opihi (tiny shellfish/limpids that land on rocks)
*Wild Lime

Check out this 2-minute sneak peek:

Get Ready ... Seriously -

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