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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Global Dynamic is in Transition ... Are You?

I have precious little time of late for meditation and reflection. Prayer of course is a necessity no matter what the circumstances--though there too I have been under-committed.

Still, every once in a while something happens that forces some level of introspection that results in a needed reorientation. It doesn't have to be anything significant, fearful, or profound that turns me inward and then right-side up. It can be the most innocuous or mundane development at times.

Then again, on rare occasions I am led to mentally limber up and exercise regions of the brain left long-neglected. Most recently, a couple of days ago, I came across a rather challenging essay entitled "Light-travel time: a problem for the big bang" by Jason Lisle, Ph.D. From there I was led to other articles Dr. Lisle has written.

Dr. Lisle is a Creationist Astrophysicist of widening fame and increasing impact. I'd like to suggest you check out what he has to say sometime if you want to jostle your comfortable, indoctrinated view of our existence.

That said, all of this really only brings me to the main point of this post. When as thinking individuals we are able to elevate ourselves over and above our cozy little dimple in the world to get a more far-reaching view of things, THAT is when we are given glimpses of a startling reality ... on a scope that can transcend anything we are accustomed to at ground level.

My Own Glimpse of Today and Tomorrow

After mulling some of the facts as presented by Dr. Lisle, I was logically reflecting on how small and ludicrous our everyday concerns are as we bustle about, scavenging for a few dollars and splitting hairs in the ideological arguments of the day.

How far we have come from the days of Creation and other Biblical times. So too have we not immeasurably distanced ourselves from every other historical period of the past when basic sustenance and shelter were major achievements?

I am really talking about a now homogenized global culture. I am speaking of how we seemingly have no true needs that we as human beings must concern ourselves with today, as multiple big-government safety nets are anchored in place, leaving us little possibility of abject failure in our individual journeys to and fro'.

At least that is what we must believe in if we are to keep pace with the rest of the global hive. Fear nothing. Trust in the system. Loyally contribute to the energies directed for the betterment of all. Hum along to the harmonious buzz orchestrated on our behalf.

In days gone by, self indulgence was not a common fact of life. The truth was clear in that there were always multiple concurrent forces at work resulting in an ebb and flow across the surface of humankind's historical, geographical, and cultural progressions. Survival itself was always a question mark--on micro and macro levels. Good and evil were acknowledged as ever-present counterpoints in a fluid and volatile equilibrium. Daily life always entailed risk and reward--often paid out at the greatest cost. Luxury was a new day and the blessing of an adequate harvest. Quaint, huh?

Today, we are in a period where the sum total of knowledge is said to be an order of magnitude beyond what was known even a few short years ago. Yet we seem to be falling short in the areas of wisdom and common sense. Collective memories are short, personal entitlement is ingrained, safety and system security is assumed.

I do not need to preach to the choir here. Most of us know and feel where this all is leading. The warning signs cannot be more numerous or prominent.

The reality of today is that our existence, our humanity, even our souls are on the precipice. But how many beyond our circle are in denial? I would place a very optimistic wager that at least half of the population still has not come to the realization that danger not only remains at the gates but that those dark forces are quickly gathering in strength.

The clock ticks. The speed of light itself may be wavering. Reality's glow is flickering.

Snug up those slings and ammo belts, troops.
Get Ready ... Seriously -

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