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Monday, February 23, 2009

Mountain House Ingredients from China

There has been a mild disturbance in "the force" in the last week or two.

There is a rumor out there about "dangerous" emergency food storage products on the market (started by a food dealer who sells, of course, certain other products).

Walton Foods and others have been accused of potentially poisoning their customers with foods from China. Depending on where you come across this rumor, it is supposedly "all" the foods these companies sell, "most" of the foods, or "some" of the foods.

I have had dialogs with a few folks about various fears and motivations people have for not wanting to buy food from China, at least without being able to make an informed decision ... and of course that is perfectly justified on their part.

I've been talking with my main food supplier, Mountain House Foods, and finally have some specific facts to relay to anyone who is interested, with regard to their freeze dried foods ...

1. Out of the hundreds of ingredients Mountain House purchases, there are 4 ingredients from China: whole pea pods, sliced water chestnuts, sliced bamboo shoots, and sliced mushrooms.

2. One or more of those ingredients can be found in 4 of the 36 canned MH varieties: Beef Teriyaki, Spicy Oriental Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki, and Chicken Ala King.

3. Oregon Freeze Dry Inc. is the company that processes and cans Mountain House foods. They have been in business for over 45 years. They are a major government supplier of foods and have been for most or all of their history.

4. The facility is a USDA/FDA facility. They test for microorganisms in all raw materials/foods that come in before they go into their products. Once cooked and dried, all finished product is again tested for the standard microorganisms--E-coli, Staph, TC, Salmonella. All product must pass all these tests before it gets released.

5. There is a USDA officer on-site everyday. There is a full HACCP plan on all items.

Personal comment--Mountain House is as "by-the-book" and as safe a food processor as there is anywhere. I can't speak authoritatively about the other food processors mentioned by the original accuser but I would have zero concerns about buying their products out of food safety fears as I know how critical it is economically for such manufacturers to keep their product safe.
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