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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Confluence of Events Focusing Social Angst; Rage Not Far Off

I try hard to keep this blog from becoming political. It's about crisis preparedness for all, regardless of stance or background.

That said, I sense that we are at a point in America where, if you want to be positioned for game-changing events, you need to be looking very carefully at what is happening all around us within our nation right now. In a nutshell:
  • The potential for a Great Depression is at best a coin-flip proposition for the near-term. An immense bail-out in the works is merely an overly optimistic patch to delay an inevitable catastrophic blowout. Yet, even this emergency rescue effort is seen mainly in D.C. by those players as political and/or financial opportunity.

  • The highest-level political-campaign fray is on the verge of going fully off the reservation. The mainstream media have stopped covering campaigns objectively, candidates' families are in the crosshairs as fairgame for cruel and baseless public attacks, and now even governmental and law enforcement personnel are openly using their authority to intimidate political opponents.

  • Racial and class distinctions are increasingly front and center in public discourse, needlessly being brought to bear in order to deflect attention from relevant issues.

  • The old-standard hot button issues of religious freedom, abortion, gun control, and the relatively new issue of illegal immigration are finding more zealous proponents willing to push the envelope to further their causes.
The overall mix is growing more volatile. Many political figures of the liberal persuasion are purposely stoking the fires of discontent and anger in their ranks, as well as goading the opposition. Conservatives are becoming very frustrated with the partisanship evident in areas where the common good has traditionally precluded such activity.

What happens next?

Anger and frustration is elevated in the population. Where anger is yet absent, fear about our economic instability is prevalent.

Editorials at established media outlets openly talk about the possibility of revolution, race wars, and societal collapse.

These developments are impossible to ignore. One incendiary event could indeed now throw our world into total chaos.

The outlook is bleak. Yes, we could conceivably find cause to reunite if for instance we are attacked from outside our country. But at the moment, I believe there is more potential for a divisive crisis within that could destroy what we recognize today as the basis of our country and way of life.

Not at all a pleasant thought, I know. But this possibility is forefront in many well-placed experts' overviews today. Are the consultants saying it WILL happen? Not outright as yet, but there is plenty of advice circulating that folks should not be surprised and that they be ready for anarchy if it comes about. And yes, the government is ready, but how ready is the question.

As a family man, I am as reluctantly prepared for this as I want to be.
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