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Saturday, September 06, 2008

After Months of a Locked Pipeline, Mountain House Cans are Available and Shipping!

It's been several months since Mountain House stopped taking new orders from dealers on their canned foods. They were being socked in with orders from all over the country at a pace five times their previous high.

Now, we can announce that Safecastle has been given permission to start taking orders again, effective immediately!

Note that Mountain House food is now being produced at record levels, and the company has maximized production capabilities. They have worked through their backlog and are in the process of fast building a stockpile for ongoing demand.

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As we've learned over the last several years, we cannot take for granted the availability of food of any kind in our just-in-time system. In particular, in an era of rising food prices, long-term storage food is becoming more recognized as not only a hedge against crisis, but an investment that pays off in financial terms as well.

Thus, we expect the demand for Mountain House food to remain very strong. Of course, if and when another major disaster happens, many more folks will again come to realize the need for this kind of critical disaster deterrent.


For something like seven years, Mountain House prices went unchanged earlier in this decade. But then, the world turned. Now supplier, production, and transportation costs are escalating steadily. Mountain House has had to try to keep up and now has a policy of updating prices twice a year. (Hint--prices are not adjusting downward.)

So, while the good news is that the food is available again at today's still-reasonable prices ... that means they are definitely not listed at yesterday's prices.

Most significantly for the Safecastle Royal Buyers Club--Oregon Freeze Dry, the producer of Mountain House food, has mandated dealer participation in a strict new pricing agreement. For us, that means we are not permitted to permanently offer discounts on Mountain House canned foods (pouches remain discounted). We WILL be allowed to offer members up to three short-duration sales in the course of a year, and we will certainly do that.

But be advised that from here on out, there can be no standard member discount on the cans. That fact is posted prominently on each of our MH can listings.

The Premier Prep Food in the World

Mountain House freeze dried food , is universally recognized as the top emergency preparedness and outdoor/adventure food in the world. Safecastle is proud to have been re-confirmed as a Mountain House dealer, and we will work with Oregon Freeze Dry to provide our members and customers full satisfaction on every transaction.
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