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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Preppers Everywhere Shifting into High Gear

At the risk of pointing out the obvious ... people everywhere are now getting VERY serious about laying in supplies and gear for lean times ahead. Prices are going up fast, risks are growing in the marketplace, and the world geopolitical dynamic is more precarious than ever.

I say this to our friends now--it is too late to be ahead of the wave crashing in to shore, but if you start paddling right now, you can catch it and ride in with the crowd on that leading edge moving enmass to get crisis preparations completed.

Suppliers everywhere are being swamped with orders. Products are increasingly on back order. And everyday now the customer orders pile up.

Act without further delay if you need something to complete your storage program--food, gear, whatever it is. You may have to wait a bit to get your order completely filled, but the alternative is far worse.

Get Ready ... Seriously -

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Jposty said...

I agree...

Buy gold also... with the dollars eminent collapse and with the EU's apparent willingness to debase the Euro as well, gold prices continue to rise.