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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Check Out Our New Buyers Club Store

We've been working for months on getting a whole new buyers club website up and running that would be a bit more useful and customer-friendly.

Our brainchild is now squirming around at

Buyers club members are registered there and they should have received their log-in info March 11 by email (passwords have changed from the previous store site). Members, please email me at if you need your new login info again.

1. We have a bunch of new products in the new store.
2. Member pricing is more evident (mouse over the main product listing image).
3. And no coupon codes are required, as once you log-in, your discounts will be applied.

We used a web template made for wholesale businesses. Wholesaling is a reasonable facsimile of what we do with our buyers club, so it served as a good model, and we believe the resulting site is an upgrade from the previous store (which is still live for the next couple of weeks at In two weeks, assuming nothing major emerges as problematic at the new store, it will be moved to the safecastleroyal domain and the old store will be taken down.

* One cool thing that is new is the integration of video into the store. We have added several to the site, to include a club-intro video and several product-related videos. More will be added as we find good ones.

Hope you'll visit and have a look at what we've added.

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