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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Food Supply Fears Growing

I bounce around in cyberspace from time to time, visiting interesting forums and blogs mostly. A few of you have perhaps seen recent posts out there in which I am seemingly going alarmist with regard to the current food supply situation.

Some may think it's some kind of self-serving hoo-hah. I understand that. That's why I've always tried to stay grounded and unattached to most of the scares-of-the-day that roll in and roll out regularly.

My mantra has always been to get prepared ... to do it in a way that fits your budget and to do it over a period of time, systematically, logically. Get there and you'll find peace of mind ... so whether you ever have to count on your preps to actually survive, you will certainly have at least gained the assurance and well-being that comes with preparedness.

Well, I've now reached the conclusion that the time for that approach is past. There is growing panic in the preparedness and food marketplaces, and I believe it's becoming more plainly visible even at the local grocery store, etc., now.

My own company and my preparedness-providing peers have been swamped with brand-new near-panic-stricken buyers for the last couple of months. Supplies of many types are dwindling--and in some cases gone now. Prospects for replacing many of the stocks are at least a few months off. That of course assumes that demand levels off.

The problem is, there is no sign that will happen. In fact, panic begets more panic. It feeds off itself. As supplies become harder to get and prices rise, more and more people become determined to get "theirs".

We're seeing it now. The fear out there is getting to me. I'm as fully prepared as I can possibly be, but I mull what all this means to our communities, our relatives, our country. That's what is scaring me more than anything else right now.

I've been trying to find a counterbalance among my peers out there--my own suppliers, etc. I want someone, anyone, to tell me that there is a light at the end of the quickly darkening tunnel. I've gotten a couple of small "maybes" attached to big "ifs". MAYBE things will turn around for the better by fall IF a bunch of things go just right in the ag and economic worlds and no other wrenches are thrown into the works.

But all are telling me confidentially that my company should buy as much food and prep stock as I can afford right now before further price spikes and stock depletions put the whole business at risk. Also, unbidden, they are saying that I need to buy as much of the kind of food at the grocery store that I normally depend on to feed my family as they see panic buying about to become the norm, quickly magnifying the food shortage issues.

To put this plainly--I am not finding the reassurances or hope I desperately have been seeking. So I am relaying this info now to you, my friends. Buy groceries and food, buy other daily necessities as much as you can afford now.

I feel like the guy with the sandwich board that says "the end is near".

I doubt it's the end ... but that's not the point. There is a strong probability that feeding people in America is about to become a far different proposition than what we are all used to.

Consider that as being a burden dropped off my shoulders at your feet.

Get Ready ... Seriously -

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