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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Montague Folding Bikes & Swiss Bikes - Preppers' Bikes

Think spring. Think portable transportation. Think riding under your own power down city streets, along dusty trails, and across babbling brooks.

These bikes are tough and cool. Easy to carry in your compact trunk, on a plane or train, or stowed under your desk or in your apartment closet. Just 30 seconds to fold down or to reassemble, light enough to carry in a special shoulder bag--being prepared for the unexpected or the inconvenient should always be so easy.

I have the Montague Paratrooper and it is by far the most adaptable, enjoyable, most rugged yet most comfortable ride I've experienced. In fact, that's why I sell the Montague and SwissBike lines. I believe in them.

Check out our folding bike listings here (remember--we ship free to the lower 48, AND our members get 20% off the list prices)!

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Ryan said...

These bikes have the big advantage of easily fitting in a trunk. Though assorted spare parts are going 2 be less available then for a schwinn or a huffy

Jeff Varnell said...

Actually, Ryan, these bikes use industry standard parts, components, tires, etc. They can be serviced at any of the more than 6000 nike shops in the USA and/or they can get the parts from their normal suppliers. The only real proprietary difference is in the frame--which is where the bike folds. I'd say the frame is going to be the most robust component of the bike, so there's no need to worry about having to repair or replace that.