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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Deep Survival--Stories to Ponder

National Geographic Adventure is one of just two magazines to which I subscribe. It is a rare treasure, given it's ability to deliver relevant, helpful, and fascinating information about our natural world and how we interact with it.

Two recent, thoughtful columns under the heading of "Deep Survival" are highly recommended to our readers who are interested in being fully prepared for disaster. They are unusual and memorable in that they approach unique aspects of being ready ... that is, how apt are you to make wise decisions in dangerous conditions.

I ask that you read through each of these columns linked below and spend a bit of time mulling over the mental and emotional wherewithal you might have at your disposal when you are at sudden risk. (The lessons offered are applicable across the spectrum of episodic daily-life.)

Get Ready ... Seriously -

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the positive feedback on Laurence Gonzales's Deep Survival column. We at National Geographic Adventure magazine are interested in learning real people's surival stories. Please feel welcome to post your survival experiences here:

Mary Anne Potts
Nat Geo Adventure