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Friday, May 04, 2007

"Household Preparedness Levels Suffer as the Memory of Katrina Dims"

This is our news release posted today on PR Web.

Household Preparedness Levels Suffer as the Memory of Katrina Dims; Safecastle Preparedness Buyers Club Aims to Help Reverse That

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) May 4, 2007 -- Recent pain from disasters such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina is a fading memory, as is the urge to prepare for future crises. Safecastle issues a pre-hurricane-season reminder that catastrophe seldom allows adequate time to brace for impact. Now is the time to take stock and prepare, taking advantage of the new Safecastle Royal Buyers Club discounted preparedness offerings.

"Public awareness is unprecedented," offered Victor Rantala, Safecastle LLC. "However, translating that into action is where we are again lagging."

What did it take to draw people's attention in the 21st century to the need for crisis preparedness? "Nothing less than a series of large natural disasters and their frightening aftermaths, looming potential threats of pandemic and terror attacks, simmering international tensions, and consistent government exhortations to take steps toward personal readiness," he replied.

"Yet, in spite of the knowledge that personal readiness is needed more than ever today, a majority of U.S. families and businesses remain inadequately prepared to vitally sustain members through short, post-disaster recovery periods."

Said Rantala, "We at Safecastle continuously aim to help remedy that situation. Now we are pleased to be publicly offering a new preparedness buyers club with a lifetime membership that brings the cost of virtually all emergency preparations well within the reach of Americans everywhere."

Easy to Put Away a Few Essential Supplies

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has a website - - which the agency recommends a basic disaster preparedness plan and on-hand supplies that can sustain a household for a minimum of three days. That goal is very modest and easily attainable.

However, various surveys indicate household readiness is actually decreasing as time passes since Hurricane Katrina. "Americans have short memories when it comes to negative experiences," said Rantala, the owner of crisis-preparedness provider Safecastle LLC.

"Rebounding from a knockdown can pay off in recuperative energy that helps us emerge and grow out of our setbacks. But it also can cause us to have to needlessly suffer again when we don't apply and live out past lessons learned. As a nation, we have to be able to watch and learn from the traumas and react accordingly, even when we haven't been directly impacted as yet by such a disaster."

As outlined by the Department of Homeland Security website, the most basic life-sustaining needs include non-perishable food, clean water, a way to ensure breathable air, and warmth. Of course, there are many other simple items to supplement those basic needs that can greatly improve an individual's or group's ability to cope with and recover from catastrophe.

Said Rantala, "An acceptable level of preparedness is well within reach for almost everyone. It really doesn't take much to be physically positioned for a wide range of potential threats to our usually safe and comfortable lifestyle.

"Good insurance coverage on home, auto, life, and health is a necessity for negotiating life's ups and downs," he pointed out. "Such coverage is not cheap, but we are willing to foot the bill for that kind of peace of mind. However, most folks today are perfectly aware that insurance is not the whole answer. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, in particular, has plainly brought home that knowledge.

"We also know that government agencies and relief groups, as hard as they try, often cannot fill in the gaps and answer all the urgent calls for help in a large-scale crisis, nor can we count on them to be there for us at the most critical moment immediately after a catastrophe."

"Clearly, events such as Hurricane Katrina and the Asian Tsunami, as well as recent California earthquakes, regional power blackouts, and the terror attacks of 9/11 provide memorable lessons," Rantala said. "The bottom line is that we as individuals need to be equipped to react in a meaningful way, in order to save ourselves and those near and dear to us if we find ourselves in the crosshairs of a disaster in the making.

"We need to be reminded today, especially as hurricane season again approaches--the time to prepare is before the crisis erupts. Indifference to possible risk and danger is a killer. The greater our ability to be resilient and self-reliant in times of trouble, the better off we are when the worst day of our life suddenly dawns."

The Safecastle Royal Buyers Club is open to anyone for a low one-time lifetime membership fee. Joining this buyer's community qualifies members to acquire emergency supplies and materials at group rate discounts and with no shipping charges added (within the continental U.S.). See:

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