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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Be a Hero

The age of celebrating heroes is past. However, acts of heroism remain part of the human condition.

The disconnect is, of course, in the telling of the story.

Monumental sacrifice and selfless concern for others remain real human phenomena. Soldiers, law enforcers, health professionals, rescue personnel, and everyday people thrust into critical situations regularly prove (often without recognition) to be made of the right stuff.

However, the rise and dominance of cynicism in the media is a tall obstacle to showcasing heroic behavior to the public ... in a fashion that adequately models the best that can presumably be found in each of us.

That carries a disturbing implication for the future. But with or without recognition of unusual acts of prowess, the elemental core of the make-up of humankind carries us forward. Heroic leaders and followers guide society through and past roadblocks that would otherwise turn us back.

Prepare for Heroism

Heroic callings are almost always unexpected. However, that is not to say that some level of preparatory foundation should not be put into place individually if there is any desire at all to stand tall in the face of disaster.

Heroism in the classical sense demands a strong moral platform. Bravery and honor emerge out of a sound training of the soul. Generosity beyond self regard is often necessary, but is today perhaps rarest of all the measures of the truly dauntless spirit.

The ingrained ability to resist fear is not a common trait. But it is my belief that there is a significant, quiet segment among those who physically prepare for disaster who are in position and who are ready to deliver with conspicuous courage when called upon.

I hope we all can do a bit more to encourage the development of lion-hearted preparedness across our great country. The need for heroes will never go away.

Get Ready, Seriously ...

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