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Monday, May 07, 2007

Buy Low, Consume High

An important thing to consider for those of you mulling over whether to invest in some long-term storage food, as in freeze-dried or dehydrated varieties that are perfectly good for 20-30 years ...

The normally ever-rising cost of food should be a large factor in your decision. Inflation makes purchases of emergency storage food a no-brainer, even if some folks think that the price today of freeze-dried food has a premium attached to it. Compared to store-bought canned goods, the freeze-dried premium is minimal. BUT, when you consider the difference in storability, freeze-dried and dehydrated foods end up being far cheaper.

And that is even without factoring in potential crisis-driven leaps in food prices. What do you think will happen to food prices if there is any disruption to the long supply chain?

You invest in paper and hard goods with the hope that some day your original money will have grown as it works in that investment. The thing is, those types of investments may not be worth a thing to you in a worst-case scenario. But if you diversify a little of your investment dollar in long-term edibles, how can that possibly go wrong?

Get Ready, Seriously ...

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