REFUGE BY SAFECASTLE: Time is Short for the Few Holding Off the Barbarians

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Time is Short for the Few Holding Off the Barbarians

Five years after the 9/11 atrocities on American innocents, public consciousness is predictably refocused once again on egotistical pursuits, maximizing prosperity, and absorbing as much entertainment as possible. After all, apart from a few remote attacks in England, Spain, and of course in the sado-masochistic Middle East, things at home have pretty much remained normal and safe.

Let's face it, it took less time to fully throttle the mega-war machines of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan 60 years ago than it has to this point to nominally negate an idea about how terror can change the world for the better. Today's selfless enemy is largely invisible and relatively few in numbers, so can we really be expected to keep a laser focus on the tiny target when the rest of the world keeps on feeding and breeding?

It's sad, but true--we are, as modern animals in a fast-paced world, ill-equipped to discipline ourselves to sacrifice anything of our own for a long-term collective goal, no matter how necessary it may be. The only sophisticated tool with the capability of enhancing our potential for a unified, well-harnessed approach to stay on track is the combined news and entertainment industry. And of course there are few players in that business today who are thinking big picture in a positive way. Most are clearly and actively working to counter the efforts of those battling an insidious and blood-thirsty opponent.

Strategic Thinkers are in the Crosshairs

It's always an immense burden to bear to have to be a leading decision-maker in times of major crisis. Evidence of progress versus the problem has to be substantial, regular, and emotionally captivating in order to maintain the public's support over time.

Failure to accomplish miracles brings out the nay-sayers in droves and small-thinkers are easily persuaded to abandon those few in position to see with any clarity the full range of risks and rewards in play.

When the crisis is personified in a cunning enemy with the capacity for patience, their tack is obvious but almost indefensible today ... thrust savagely into defenseless weak points, retreat, wait, and play to the media's distaste for the consistent "party line." Then just keep on waiting till our own impatience reverses any inroads we may have made.

Today, the strategic leaders in the West are having their legs taken out from under them. It is not a proactive enemy accomplishing this. Passive patience on their part, and occasionally displayed outrage are enough ... not to mention a faith in our inability as free individuals to hold to an ideal beyond personal self-interest.

George Bush, Tony Blair, Ehud Olmert, Pope Benedict, various evangelicals and conservative voices, and I think we could also throw in groups such as intelligence agencies and military leaders ... these are the people and the ideals and offices we are in the process of emasculating. Fewer and fewer are holding the line against progressive and liberal assimilation and compromise.

We, as ones who have gorged at the trough of plenty, are largely incapable of recognizing the real risk of cultural defeat and subsequent material famine. Now, time is running out for those few who toil at holding off the barbarians. Next, comes the time of appeasement, when we shall attempt to embrace the enemy and his ambitions.

What are the odds of that working out well for us? I think I have a pretty good idea.

Get Ready, Seriously ...

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