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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Special Mountain House Buy Opportunity till September 13

Many readers here are familiar with our very popular Mountain House group buys. These periodic opportunites to stock up on the BEST emergency storage food ANYWHERE come through periodically, and the prices are virtually unbeatable. We blew away sales records last time around and socked in the factory with months worth of backorders. This time, having expanded production capacity, Mountain House (Oregon Freeze Dry) is better equipped to handle a big spike in demand.

No Delay--No Backlog

This time around, the deal offers you the option of three unique Mountain House packages, not available elsewhere, all featuring cases of six #10 cans, with a shelf life rated at 30 years--

  • a 3-case/18 variety package (228 servings)
  • an 8-case/8 variety package (522 servings)
  • a 25 case/25 variety package (nearly 1800 servings)

The 8-case and 25-case kits are available from us anytime and your order on either of those two is processed as soon as payment is received (expect shipment within about 3 weeks).

The 3-case/18-can kit is available only when we do these special group buys and you can expect your order to deliver within about 6 weeks, as we need to special order the needed food and re-sort the cases.

This buy is good till September 13, at which point the 18-can orders will be submitted. Prices are good to the lower 48 (please inquire about shipping to AK or HI).

Take Advantage, Build Your Capability to Withstand Catastrophe

This is one of those deals where I am unable to advertise the low sales prices due to supplier agreements. Email me for complete special pricing info

Payment options include credit card, Paypal, money order or cashiers check.

Get Ready, Seriously ...

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