REFUGE BY SAFECASTLE: New "Safecastle Royal" Buyers Club to Launch Soon

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

New "Safecastle Royal" Buyers Club to Launch Soon

Those of you who are regular Safecastle customers are fully aware of the significantly discounted prices we always offer our friends. Fact is, on a few of the popular product lines where we have been doing that, we have aggravated competitors and thus even some of our suppliers, since they have to put up with complaints from those other sellers who aren't able or willing to match our prices.

SO, we are in the process of adapting our sales model a bit to try to keep at least our suppliers mollified (and of course, those suppliers have no complaints about the volume of orders we bring in when we are out there promoting our always low prices).

In a few short weeks, we will be launching a new website for the members of our new buyers club--Safecastle Royal. It will be a fully functional store (non-eBay) in which we offer members our very best product prices. By making these prices available only privately to friends and members of our group, we are able to sidestep Minimum Advertised Pricing agreements of all kinds and on all products.

Moreover, our loyal buyers will be able to clearly determine for themselves what our best prices are at any time without having to get quotes from us. AND, they will be able to make their purchase online or over the phone, using our new toll-free number.

So, stay tuned. Safecastle Royal will be going live soon. In the meantime, we continue to offer our best discounted pricing on everything we sell if you simply contact us for a quote.

Email me with any questions or comments or to get a quote at any time:

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