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Sunday, June 10, 2018

New items Military Surplus Chicken Tenders, Lamb Sirloin and more| Buy cases and get can free

Here is an opportunity to lock in prices for 25+ years by buying the top-rated, military surplus products manufactured by a defence contractor for Military. We bring to you items never before introduced in the market !!  

We also bring you an exciting offer to go with it, BUY MORE SAVE MORE
  • Buy 2 cases, get 1 can free 
  • Buy 3 cases, get 2 cans free 
  • Buy 4 cases, get 3 cans free 
  • Buy 5 cases, get 4 cans free
Note: Different variety ok, lowest priced items will be picked for free can.

Valid until June 15th, Act Fast. 

Members Save Extra 

Prepare & Fortify!

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