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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Advisory: Bunker backlog SUDDENLY building fast; other prep sales accelerating too

Just a little tidbit I think many of you will find of interest ...

All of a sudden my shelter builder is inundated with inquiries and new business. Within the last week. 

He's got a large facility and good-sized crew of employees and they always have a nice stream of business from around the US, but all of a sudden, his backlog is growing fast.

So I guess the message here is ... if you have any plans for getting a shelter installed this year--you better get in line right now ... whether it is with us or any other reputable shelter builder (I'm sure they too are getting swamped now.)

As for storage food and other preps ... yep, our food storage and survival gear sales are suddenly jumping as well. So, again--another note of advice ... if you plan on topping off, do it now. You can still be ahead of the curve. I get the feeling we are about to see another one of those inventory-depleting surges in demand for food and preps. IF the Russians' series of aggressive moves continues, I see this as stimulating the mother of all prepper runs coming down the pike.
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