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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mighty Solar Generators at Safecastle: No Excuse to be Without Power

Another quick look at some outstanding new member-discounted deals at Safecastle ... these are two of the most powerful, yet economical solar generator systems available anywhere. Spring and summer storm season is barreling down on us, so the time is now to get squared away ...

1. The AEB OX Mini Power Plant Solar Generator is what I have for my own personal use, and I swear by it. This baby is powerful, and when coupled with the optional Kyocera two-solar-panel-kit, you are up and running at home or away, no matter what the status of the grid may be. It's all plug and play--extremely easy to use--no technical know-how required. And if you need even more power than the 3000 watts, 200 amp hours in the base system, there are optional plug-in PiggyBack units to bump that up to 300 or 400 amp hours!

2. GoalZero recently came out with a complete 1250 watt solar generator system,  the Yeti 1250, with cart and a pair of panels. Less power, less cost ... you decide how much back-up power you want or need.

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