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Friday, February 06, 2009

Safecastle Royal's Ratcheting Rewards Sale

The economy is in critical condition. Jobs are being vaporized daily. International tensions are threatening to combust.

What's a responsible crisis-preparedness provider to do?

Throw out all the stops, that's what.

It's Coming!

For two weeks, February 21-March 6, we are making available the best emergency storage food in the world at the lowest discount prices permitted by the manufacturer--25% off all Mountain House can-case listings!

And of course always FREE shipping on everything we sell, to the lower 48.

Ho-hum. Been there, done that (though the MH sale demand is always a "killer", we're out to save the world) ... This time around, it's not enough for these volatile times.

So, for our buyers club members (join for a one-time $19 fee), we are offering the following ratcheting rewards for your Mountain House can purchases (note that we have been offering the rebate vouchers below on an ongoing basis, sale or no sale) ...

1. Buy any 4 cases of Mountain House food in cans and also receive, for free, ONE 35g pouch of CELOX--
the amazing, life-saving hemostatic agent that no one should be without. (One free pouch per customer, while supplies last.)

2. Buy any 8 cases of Mountain House food in cans and receive the CELOX mentioned above AND a $120 rebate voucher code from Safecastle
that will be good for any subsequent purchase in our buyers club store, except for Mountain House cans. (The $120 rebate voucher is awarded for every 8 cases purchased, no limit.)

3. Buy any 12 cases of Mountain House food in cans and receive the CELOX and the $120 rebate voucher mentioned above, PLUS an OPTIMUS Crux,
the cool, tiny, portable stove with big power (fuel canister not included). Limit one per customer, while supplies last.

4. As indicated above, every 8 MH can cases purchased earns members a $120 voucher. So if you buy 16 cases, you get the CELOX and OPTIMUS Crux mentioned above plus a $240 rebate voucher,
to be used in a subsequent purchase in our buyers club store for anything except Mountain House cans.

5. Finally, an additional rebate voucher level, is a $500 rebate voucher for every 35-cases of Mountain House cans
(in place of the $120 voucher codes for the 8-case levels). Vouchers may be used in subsequent purchases (a code is emailed to you) toward the purchase of anything in our buyers club store except for Mountain House cans.

There's nothing you need to do to get these automatic FREEBIEs, other than to be a buyers club member.
Log-in, make your purchases, get your discount during the sale period and we'll take care of the rest.

Get Ready ... Seriously -
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