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Monday, May 21, 2007

Food Locker Load-up Sale Open to the Public; Buyers Club Membership Free-for-All!!

Been working on some new things for our buyers club ... new products, suppliers, etc. Now we're up and running on the first new development in a couple of months--the introduction of several new top-quality, tasty emergency storage food products, as well as the next installment of our famous 3-case MH buy.

In celebration, for a short time, we're opening up sales of ALL our food listings to the public at 20-23% OFF listed prices plus FREE shipping on everything.

1. We've now listed:
Canned butter--requires no refrigeration, stores for 15+ years
Canned meats-turkey, beef, chicken, pork)--no refrigeration, stores for 10-12 years (can mix varieties within the case orders)
Canned cheese--no refrigeration, stores for 15+ years
Canned brown bread, with raisins or without--no refrigeration, 12-15 years
1-gallon and 5-gallon buckets of wildflower honey--do not refrigerate, stores virtually forever

These orders ship right away. Discounted prices = 20% off listed prices after using coupon (see below), with free shipping. See these new listings.

2. MH 3-case group buy now open:

We're also now offering our ever-popular Mountain House 3-case, 18-can/18 variety kit for the next few weeks. It is a group buy that we aim to close and do a bulk buy of all the foods for in early June. Deliveries should take place by the end of the month. See the 3-case listing.

Discounted price, after coupon (see below) = $387.31 (free shipping)

3. All other listed foods in the club are now open at club-discounted pricing for a very short time. Most all of it ships right away. Mountain House, Honeyville, MREs, and much more.

4. Lastly, on top of opening up our club prices to the public for the first time, we are also presenting lifetime club memberships to anyone making a food purchase of at least $100 during this sale. So if you are not a member yet, now's the time to get on board. If you are already a member, and you make a qualifying food purchase, you can award your complimentary membership to someone else as a gift.

So, how to do it--

Members, you can use your normal coupon codes. Non-members, use the following codes and you'll get not only the best overall deals and selection in storage foods out there, but you'll get a free Safecastle Royal Buyers Club membership with your food purchase too! ...

MHLOADUP23 - enter this code in the coupon space on the payment page of the checkout in the our online store when you are making any Mountain House purchase of at least $100. (Please do not combine any other non-Mountain House purchase in the same transaction.)

LOADUP20 - use this code in the coupon space on the payment page of the checkout in our online store when you are making any other (non-Mountain House) food purchase of at least $100.

Or call us toll-free with your order info at 1-877-673-2394.

Check us out:

Questions are welcome.

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