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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Have A Look On Top 10 Survival Food Companies Of 2020

One factor that most people ignore is that they can stay prepared for any Natural disaster or calamity instead of waiting for the emergency to happen. Whether you are New to Prepping or You are a Hard-Core Prepper, everyone has to stay prepared with the essentials which help them to survive the emergency.

Today, we are going to discuss "Best Survival Food Companies" which offers you the Best Survival Food that you would need if you want to survive during any emergency.

If you start meal prepping & try out exploring the market, you will find a lot of Freeze Dried Food Companies which claims to provide Best Survival Meals but are the products they are providing you is helpful for your survival or do the products have a longer shelf life?

You need to be very sure while choosing your "Best Survival Food Company" because it's all about your survival. So, let's have a look at the list that we collected after analyzing numerous factors which do contribute to Emergency Survival.

So, here is the list of Top Survival Food Companies,

1. Mountain House

One of the biggest names in Freeze-Dried Food industry that you are going to hear is "Mountain House". Started in Oregon in 1969, the Mountain House began with selling Survival Meals for Military only but now their Freeze Dried Food Packages has been consumed and enjoyed by the majority of people like Hikers, Campers, Preppers, etc.

Best Survival Food Companies: Mountain House (Safecastle)

Mountain House offers its variety across all categories including snacks, breakfast, meals and even desserts, which also comes in Pouches, Cans, Pro-Paks, Emergency Buckets and Kits which you can opt depending on your requirements & can also create your custom Survival or Emergency Go Bag.

The best thing about Mountain House Emergency Meals is Preparation Time. All you need to do is to add hot water in any Survival meal & just wait for 8-10 minutes. You are all set to enjoy your meal without any kitchen efforts. Apart from Preparation time, there are more pros like Shelf Life, Accessibility, Packaging, etc.

Where To Buy: If you are looking to buy Mountain House Emergency Meals, then you can Visit Safecastle which is an authorized dealer & you can get the best prices, so that you can save more and survive more.

2. Augason Farms

Similar to Mountain House, Augason Farms is a Freeze Dried Food Company which is another best option when it comes to Long Term Food Storage. A perfect place to explore if you are seeking for quality and delicious survival meals.

Best Survival Food Companies: Augason Farms ( Safecastle )

Augason Farms offers you with Emergency Food Supply Kits which can help you effectively to survive during any kind of emergencies. Whether it lasts for 72 hours or even a year, it keeps helping you by providing enough calories and proteins throughout the day.

The Emergency Food Meals provided by Augason Farms are Cost-Effective, Easy to cook and have a longer shelf life.

Where To Buy: You can buy Augason Farm Foods on Safecastle at discounted prices. Visit our website to learn more.

3. Military Surplus

Military Surplus specially offers Emergency Meals to prepare for all kinds of emergency survival. Their Manufacturers specially prepare the survival meals for Military purposes only and that too in bulk orders, so sometimes they provide the same meals to few selected suppliers too & we work with some exclusive suppliers to get some of the survival meals for our members exclusively.

Best Survival Food Companies: Military Surplus (Safecastle)

You can either buy Full case or Single Cans of Emergency Survival Meals. You can shop and enjoy a variety of meals like Freeze Dried Sirloin, Chicken breast, Hamburger patties, Dried salmon fillets, etc.

Where To Buy: You can opt for any Military Surplus Meals on Safecastle at the lowest prices.

4. Wise Foods

One of the Best Freeze Dried Food Company who is known for their way of combining Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated technologies into their Emergency meals.

Best Survival Food Companies: Wise Food (Safecastle)

You can avail the Emergency starter kits, 1 Month Food Supply or even long term food buckets as per your survival requirements. Also, if you are a person who loves hiking or camping, then you can probably enjoy the Grab and Go Food Kits.

With Wise Foods, you can have your meals with a shelf life of 25 years or longer and also there is the availability of Gluten-Free Foods as well.

Where To Buy: Choose Safecastle if you are looking to Buy Wise Food Emergency Meals and Avail best offers. You can also choose the official website as well.

5. Yoders

Another Freeze Dried Food Company which shall be included in your Emergency preparation list is Yoders Country Market.

Best Survival Food Companies: Yoders (Safecastle)

Yoders effectively provide you with Emergency meals in bulk depending on your survival needs. If you are a person who loves bacon, then you must try out Yoders Canned Bacon and also there are a lot of meal additions that you can buy and use in your meals.

6. Numanna Foods

A Freeze Dried Food Brand which started in 2011 & is providing high-quality and GMO-Free Food (Genetically Modified Organisms) emergency products. You can enjoy their high-quality freeze food varieties including Grab-n-Gos, Family meal packs, Buckets, and even pouches.

Best Survival Food Companies: Numanna Foods (Safecastle)

The best thing about Numanna Foods is that they had provided the nutritional information about their products for the consumers and their products are MSG & GMO-free. Also, the shelf life of Numanna Emergency Food products is more than 25 years, so you can easily plan your meal prepping.

7. Future Essentials

Future Essentials Emergency Meals is one of the choices that the majority of preppers prefer when it comes to Emergency Meal Prepping. Future Essentials offers you a variety of meals including Freeze-Dried Pork, Beef, Dried Fruits, Dried Vegetables, Past and many more which you can opt as per your taste & requirements.

Best Survival Food Companies: Future Essentials (Safecastle)

The Future Essentials Food Products comes up with a shelf life of 25 years and gives you a real taste & also can be cooked easily without any hardcore kitchen efforts.

8. Lindon Farms

One of the Best survival food brands which are providing various Emergency food solutions from foothills of Wasatch Mountains. Their manufacturing process ensures that the Emergency meals shall get prepared using Quality Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated Ingredients.

Best Survival Food Companies: Lindon Farms (Safecastle)

Lindon Farms provides you with a variety of survival meals which include delicious beverages, dried fruits, vegetables, and meats.

The meals come up with a long shelf life of around 25 years, which means you can stock up your Emergency Food Inventory without worrying about food life. Also, the meals are super easy to cook, all you need is to just add water and enjoy :)

Where To Buy: Choose Safecastle if you are looking to Lindon Farms Meals and Avail best offers. You can also choose the official website as well.

9. Survival Cave

The last but not the least, Survival Cave Emergency Food provides you with nutrition-rich meals which help you out in surviving any Emergency Situation. The Survival Cave Meat is one of the quality meats available in the market and is suitable for any survival situation.

Best Survival Food Companies: Survival Cave (Safecastle)

The meals can be prepared easily by adding some hot water and it tastes like home-cooked food & also comes up with longer shelf life. Some people do believe that Survival Cave Food Products last longer than 30-35 years.

10. Red Feather Canned Butter (Bonus Product)

One of the challenges that most of the Emergency Preppers come across is storing dairy products, there are a lot of companies which can be stored for more than 25 years. But the storage for dairy products was an issue, until this product came into the market.

Best Survival Food Companies: Red Feather Canned Butter (Safecastle)

Red Feather Canned Butter can be used in your long term food storage without any refrigeration needs. So, what else you need. Enjoy the addition of butter into any of your breakfast & other meals.
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So, this was all about the Best Survival Food Companies who provide you with Best Survival Food Solutions so that you can prepare for all kinds of emergencies in advance. Analyse all the factors and make your Emergency food choice wisely.
Stay tuned for more updates on Emergency Prepping.

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