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Monday, April 18, 2022

NOW IN STOCK XMRE, MRE Star & Numanna Grab and Go Bucket BUY NOW and SAVE MORE


XMRE, MRE Star & Numanna Grab & Go Bucket

When you really need to eat and have no way of getting to a grocery store, or their shelves are empty, have on hand what the military has trusted former generations.

XMRE and MRE Star are the new generation of ready-to-eat meals, that are designed and made to provide consumers with ample calories to get on with their days work without their bodies experiencing any deficiency in their energy supply.

Buy 5 cases or more of MRE Star or XMRE and Get a Discount of $50
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MRE Star MRE Kits Case 12 Meals with Heater (12 meals)
$149.99 $159.99
save $10.00(6.25%)
XMRE 1300XT Meal Kit, Case of 12 Meals w/Heater Military Grade
$139.99 $189.99
save $50.00(26.25%)
Numanna Foods Grab n Go, 80 serving Meals

$168.75 $195.00
save $26.25(13.46%)
POPULAR ITEMS Selling Fast - Hurry Up/ Limited stocks

One Case of Bega Cheese - 36 cans

$169.99 $280.0
save $110.01(39.29%)
Red Feather Creamery Canned Butter (6 Cans/12Oz. Each Can)

$57.50 $70.00
save $12.05(17.85%)
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