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Monday, April 11, 2022

Exclusive offer on EZ Breeze Elite E-bike Upto $100 off- Hurry Up


Nationwide, gas prices have continued to plateau after last week's record high. The average price at the pump on Wednesday was about $4.24 a gallon, according to AAA, where it's hovered since Monday. 
Why an E-bike ??

The cost of an e-bike outweighs gas prices every time you head to the pump. A single charge can take you up to 40 miles (depending on driving conditions e.g grade etc) and about $.10 per charge. This bike's battery has is 48V, 14Ah which translates to 672wh or .672kwh. Taking an average of 13 cents for Kwh charge (standard across the US) total cost to charge this bike will be .672 * 13 cents = 8.7 cents

So here we are with our most wanted e-bike in the market with fully loaded features and it will save your fuel cost also. It's an excellent choice if you are looking for bug-out options as well.

EZ Breeze Elite Electric Bike - Introductory offer

Buy EZ Breeze elite and get a Discount of $100

USE COUPON CODE: "ELITE100 will be added the moment you click on the link.

The offer is till the 16th of April

*Terms and Conditions applied
EZ Breeze Elite Fat-Tire Electric Bike 750W,48V, 14 Ah, Black / Blue

MSRP: $1999
Effective price after Discount-1599
Total Savings- $400
Members Save Extra!
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