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Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Right Time To Get Started With Emergency Preparedness is NOW


We all know that disasters can strike in any part of the word, any part of time and in any way. We always know about disasters like floods, hurricanes, earthquakes etc. So, a lot of people have ignored the importance of Emergency Preparedness as they believe that these disasters are more of a temporary thing.

But, we believe that reality hit us hard with disasters like COVID-19 and now, Omicron.

While you can’t ignore these disasters / pandemic entirely, you can plan effectively to reduce the impact of the situation.

Emergency Preparedness is the most convenient method to protect yourself from the damage of these pandemics. It doesn’t require loads of effort, instead start small from knowing things that can help you to survive any situation.

We always have been pushing people about getting started with Emergency Preparedness but still people were taking it lightly. But, now we are facing a pandemic where the situation is worse than ever.

There are many resources available which can help you to understand Prepping. You can check out this article on prepping as well.

Here are some stats that may motivate you to get started with preparing yourself for such emergencies. People have actually started realising the importance of essentials and they are taking actions for their survival.

  • In 2018, there were only around 48% of grocery shoppers in the US. But with the existence of 2020, the number has grown to 74% in the US.
  • A lot of people started investing in Shelf stable food. If we talk about some stats, In march 2020, the average household invested $525 on food supplies which is 30% growth from past years.

  • Look at the picture below which describes online grocery shopping in the US and the projected figures as well.

  • People realised that having food supplies at home is the most important thing because now they can’t just walk away towards the store to buy supplies for themselves.
  • Majority of people have started stocking up on emergency food supplies like canned food, canned meat and many more essentials which usually have a longer shelf life.

After two years of fighting with Covid-19, we have come across another variant Omicron which is spreading way faster than Covid. So, just imagine the situation where we may get locked in our homes & unable to get out to gather supplies for survival. In this scenario, your survival will be really difficult.

Stocking up the most important essentials gives people a sense of control & satisfaction during the time of uncertainty.

You just need to be smart & understand the importance of Emergency Prepping. You can never miss out on essential elements like food, water, clothes and many more.

So, let’s be responsible & plan for survival. 

Stay tuned to our content which will actually help you to prepare for emergencies & survival.

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