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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Beware Of These Scam Websites ( and

Kindly read this blog post carefully as we have something important to share with all the members who have been associated with us.

We at Safecastle, always strive to provide value to all our customers who look for Emergency Essentials and Supplies and We will keep on doing that forever.

In the last month, we have come across a few customers who reached out to us telling us that there are two websites similar to our’s and they are scamming the customers with their lower prices and deals.

The site name is and and the website is using all our details like Logo and name to scam the buyers . We appreciate all our loyal customers who reached out to us and reported this scam.

With this blog post, we want to inform all our existing and prospective customers that we are not associated with these websites and they are scammers who are scamming customers with such cheap offers & once the payment is done, then you don’t get anything in return.

Check out below screenshots of these websites &,
Beware of this scam website (
Beware of this scam website (

We have reported this scam and this issue to the higher authorities in order to reach these scammers. 

We have been reaching out to other sites as well to declare these websites ( and to be scam and they should get penalised.

But the main reason that we are posting this on our blog is that we want to keep our customers safe from such scammers ( and Don’t make any transactions through these websites.

In case you bought anything from these fake websites, we would suggest you file a chargeback claim with your respective bank and also report spam to such ads on facebook.

Our official website is and our facebook page is any other site or Facebook page that claims to be Safecastle is fraudulent. 

So, keep shopping with us through our official portals only & we again would like to thank all of you for understanding & trusting us. We promise that we will always serve you with the best quality standards.


Team Safecastle.

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