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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Numanna Foods - The latest and the most advanced Long-Term Storage Food!

What better way to choose your Emergency Food, than trusting a brand who developed their own range of Freeze Dried food for self-consumption and ensured they were of the best standards. Safecastle has been an authorized dealer for Numanna Foods for a long time now and we did our extensive research to identify reasons how Numanna is a competing force for quality Freeze Dried foods.

A complete Organic food range certified organically, an easy and tasty fix just by boiling water and following clear instructions on the package.

25 years of shelf life and products that can be reused multiple times as it comes with a healthy, resealable bag, Freeze Dried food that is 100% GMO Free.  Genetically Modified Organism is the most debatable topic in the industry, with research and studies indicating that GMO has degenerative effects upon testing it on animals, with Numanna, you have an option to choose GMO free food for regular use or in times of duress.

Superfoods used as ingredients to provide you with a sustainable nutrition to support you in times of crisis. Ingredients we are comfortable with:

  • Organic quinoa
  • Organic black chia seeds
  • Organic sprouted seeds
  • Organic brown jasmine rice
  • Parboiled rice
  • Organic spelt, and other natural grains

In times of emergency when we are left to fend for ourselves, the least we can do is provide ourselves with the best and the most trusted sources of longterm storage food available. Ingredients sourced locally, and products Made In America with focus on the Quality given the utmost importance, Numanna is the way to go.

Safecastle has been in the Emergency industry for over 15 years and with in-house experts, we have ensured we partner with the best of the products available in the market. Numanna has one of our best-selling products and we ensure all of our Numanna items are packaged in the plastic buckets that are made for easy and long-term storage. Safecastle believes in providing the most competitive prices in the market and hence you will find that we offer Free Shipping in the Lower 48 states for any small or big order. 

Get your supply of long-term freeze-dried storage food HERE!

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