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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

National Preparedness Month - Prepare Now, Learn How!

We are in the second week of the National Preparedness Month and with the Hurricane season upon us seems the right time to discuss the various skills that help avert, get through any emergencies.

In this blog, let us discuss the various skills one should have when preparing for an emergency.

Did you know preparedness begins at home?

Maintenance at home is the first and foremost thing to Preparedness. One should be fully aware of his/her surroundings so you can help others in times of need.

Knowledge of all the available resources at home and how to use them should be the next step. Familiarize yourself with the appliances at home, learn how to turn off the gas at home.

Have you yet thought about the next hurricane and are you prepared to safeguard yourself and your loved ones?

Video Credits: FEMA

Prepare your household for any natural disasters, be it fire or flood! Ready your homes to sustain the damages caused by such events.

Install smoke alarms in homes and ensure to check them periodically, A fire extinguisher can always come in handy!

The good thing about preparedness is that each member of the family is aware of the plans and precautions, it is also imperative that everyone knows about the dietary or medicinal requirements of each member in the family. An emergency kit should always have the medical supplies should it vary from person to person.

An emergency kit is not designed to be regular or similar for everyone, you can customize your emergency kit based on your needs and importance. Safecastle offers a wide range of products to choose from, our experts can help you design a custom emergency kit with the vast pick we have on our website.

How many of us have been saving for a pair of shoes or are preparing and saving for the new model of phone/car that we intend to purchase? Similarly, we must urge everyone around us to save for "Rainy Days". There are various ways to do so, either by investing in insurances for life and property or by saving money that could be put to use in times of crisis.

Knowledge is NOT power, Implementation is power - Garrison Wynn

Prepare & Fortify!

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