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Saturday, September 15, 2018

National Preparedness Day - Don't Wait, Communicate!

Today is the Day where we urge you more than usual to Make your Emergency plans with the Biggest Offers on emergency supplies. Launched in 2004, National Preparedness Month was introduced by FEMA.

With the Hurricane Season upon us, Safecastle introduces a Never Before Sale hosted by the manufacturers, where there are Amazing offers on products like Future Essentials, Yoders and Military Surplus!!

These are items best for Long-term storage and without compromising the quality or taste. Military Surplus items are literally the items used by top government officials and used for the Military, hence you will these items are very limited and has a shelf life of up to 25 years.

Make most of the Biggest Savings Sale and start your journey to Emergency Preparedness today or add to your long-term storage.

Prepare & Fortify!

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