REFUGE BY SAFECASTLE: Discover how to use sunlight to prepare for emergencies

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Discover how to use sunlight to prepare for emergencies

Learning to cook with the sun has help us to be better prepared and baking outdoors has reduced our utility bills.  Sun Ovens are the most commonly used solar cooker to activate the sun’s power to bake, boil, steam and dehydrate food.

We thought you might enjoy learning more about how to harness the power of the sun to cook so we invited Paul Munsen of Sun Ovens International to teach an interactive online seminar. Paul has devoted his life to sharing fundamental Sun Oven Cooking techniques with people all over the world. Join us next ThursdayMarch 22. 

Sunshine is a no-cost multi-functional preparedness resource. Are you comfortable with your knowledge of how to take advantage of this free resource?

Is a live FREE educational online workshop where you will discover how to harness the sun to:

·      Be the most fuel efficient and delicious way to cook freeze-dried and dehydrated emergency food storage.  
·      Bake, boil, steam, or roast complete meals which will never burn.
·      Boil or pasteurize drinking water.
·      Dry herbs without breaking down the essential oils and vitamins to increase nutrients.
·      Enhance your sprouting during the winter.
·      Enjoy baked roasts and bread all summer long while reducing your utility bills.
·      Naturally kill bug infestations in grains or dried foods.
·      Easily peel hard boiled freshly laid eggs.
·      Sterilize medical instruments.
·      Be better prepared for emergencies.

Date:               Thursday March 22, 2018
Duration:        60 minutes plus live Q&A
Cost:                There is no cost for the workshop, but advance registration is required.

Register Today To Get This FREE eBook

Everyone who registers will receive a helpful eBook: Emerging From An Emergency What you should do if…? 120 page eBook to improve your likelihood of your survival in Emergency.

We will send you a reminder before it starts but be sure to mark your calendar now so you do not forget. See you then!

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