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Thursday, March 01, 2018

Be SPRING Ready!!

Well, spring is upon us, beautiful trees and budding flowers are not all that comes with Spring but it brings along Tornadoes. Time to brace ourselves and prepare ourselves..

Well, Tornadoes are strong currents of winds, strong enough to destroy any man-made structure and or trees. One cannot fight a tornado, just wait till it passes! Below you will find small tips and tricks to stay safe in such event:

  • Ensure you have a predecided spot that all family/friends are aware of  and this spot is accessible to everyone in the event of a tornado. 
  • If you are outside, ensure you get to a sturdy building and always stay in the lobby or the hallway if you are unable to get to the lowest floor in the building.
  • Emergency kits are the only friends you have in such situations as the debris and the impact of destruction may take a long time to normalcy. Ensure you have enough supplies to last you and your family a couple of days.
  • Know the difference!!
 Tornado Watch means when a Tornado is possible. Time to prepare yourselves with all essentials. Basic essentials like a flash-light, a whistle will go a long away. 

Tornado Warning means a tornado is already occurring or will occur soon. Time to go to your Safe Place immediately.

A medical kit will be the need of the hour for you and for others for the aftermath. Get your own medical kit here:

Be Ready, Stay Safe!! 

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