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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A war that no one is talking about!! Are we prepared?

Being prepared for an emergency is the need of the hour! And NO, I am not talking about the first aid kit in your car or home but real-life emergency preparedness that warrants you to be prepared for earthquakes, floods, wild-fires, tsunamis and Nuclear attacks!! That is the reality we live, in today’s world.
Let’s ask ourselves, have we thought about such emergencies? Are we in any ways prepared for such peril? Should we spend money on being ready for situations such as these… Well, here you have the Ultimate Savings Guide to Disaster Preparedness.  We have compiled a list of emergency kits for you that will come in handy.

Mayday Classroom Lock-down Survival Kit

Comes with food bars, water pouches and even a portable toilet to last you a comfortable stay in times of emergency.

Mayday 2-Person Deluxe Survival Emergency Kit

Great all-around emergency survival kit for home, work, car, etc comes equipped with Solar blankets, a 2-person tent and even a camper’s stove!!

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