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Monday, October 05, 2015

WWIII Threat Rapidly Building; Time to Get Ready and Be Steady

If you're not paying attention to what is happening in the Middle East, you'd better cast your gaze that way now. A war of Biblical proportions is fast shaping up that, if it escalates much further, WILL involve the U.S., no matter how cowardly the current administration behaves (and in the end BECAUSE of how spineless our foreign policy of the last 7 years has been).

There's not a darn thing you or I can do about any of it except in how we each respond to this threat personally.

I'm seeing a lot of folks out there breathlessly following every headline, every tweet, every official pronouncement and denial. Some are offering their best militaristic talking-head analyses of what comes next.

Of course most Americans are simply in denial or absolutely ignorant of the cascading situation.

Proper Prepping

This may indeed lead to the long-feared superpower confrontation that will out of necessity go thermonuclear. No proxies lobbing hand grenades at each other ... we're talking ICBMs passing in the night, hackers taking down the grid and all communications, global terror, the plains of Armageddon filling up with blood ... and that's just in the first few minutes of the conflict.

Obviously worst case. But if you are ready for the worst, anything else will be easier.

Are you squared away?

We have no idea how much longer we might have to stock up the larder, to top off supplies. But assuming you are doing that or have done that to your satisfaction, the mindset to survive and to carry forward for the sake of your loved ones is something that no doubt could use some attention. It's pre-game. They're all suited up.

Get your game-face on.

No--it's not a game, but it's about winning. Beating the odds. Getting your team to the other side.

If this all goes bottom up, there will be no help coming when you need it the most. You and yours will be on your own.

Unless of course your faith in God and your relationship with Him through prayer are strong. In which case--you can't be in better shape. History has shown time and again that God alone will sustain folks miraculously.

But none of us are going to want to put God to that test if we have the opportunity and the resources to do our best to help Him help us.

To-date, for many of us, prepping has been about supplies and training and awareness. With the heads-up we are now getting as we see the smoke rising and spreading over the horizon, serious preppers are now steeling themselves for whatever comes next.

If this actually happens, it will be hell on earth. Resolve and personal focus will be key for any who get through it. The time is right now to start pulling that together internally.

If we all manage to escape the threat this time ... nothing lost, but maybe some additional spiritual fiber gained.

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