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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mountain House Foods a Huge Hit with Boy Scouts and Parents!

Rehydrating and eating
right from the pouch
This year, Safecastle donated a substantial amount of Mountain House freeze dried food to our local Boy Scout troops.

This weekend we heard back from a leader who was at a Camporee where they served six different varieties to the boys and to the many parents who were also in attendance.

Some of them knew what they had there, but apparently most were first-time MH consumers and they were absolutely "astounded" at how tasty the foods were. Not a small feat when you are talking about kids especially.

For the record, Beef Stroganoff was hands-down the most popular followed closely by Chili Mac, Spaghetti w meat sauce, Rice & Chicken and Raspberry Crumble.

Pasta Primavera was the only variety left after the weekend ... some of the kids were turned off by the veggies in that entrée.

We're proud to be long-time supporters of Boy Scouts of America. Be Prepared!

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