Just got the word from Mountain House ... and I was wondering if this was going to manifest, so I am not surprised. They are quickly running out of stock of several of their food varieties due to a sudden surge in demand.

This is a huge heads up ... it's a bit of a long, involved backstory that I won't go into detail about here, but as a reminder--some of you might recall the situation several years ago when MH had backorders stretching out 6 months, and customers were pleased just to get on the list.

That situation had far reaching ramifications in the prepper world for virtually anyone even remotely connected. It even led to the WalMarts and Costcos getting into the preparedness market niche, and the birth of several storage food companies.

I know ... we were right in the middle of all of it and it changed a good many things about how we do business.

That's what this today is fast beginning to smell like. 

MH greatly expanded their production capacity since that time, and they were already the leading prep-food company in the world before that little crisis after Hurricane Katrina. They thought they were in position to deal with any similar situation that would again come around. Looks like they are going to find out the hard way if that is the case.

I'm betting that they may do a little better this time, but for the near term, we're about to see a situation where it is going to be increasingly difficult to lay hands on any type of storage food out there--especially Mountain House.

So consider yourself warned--this may very well be a last call to lay in your favorite foods before your backorder wait starts being measured in months.

(As luck would have it--we ARE in the midst of one of our biggest MH sales ever. Those huge discounts are not changing at this time.)